Our Vitreous China Lavatory Bowls

Vitreous China is porcelain that is fired at an intense heat to create an attractive, yet extremely hard, non-porous, glass-like surface. Vitreous China refers to the finish on your sink. Most of all ceramic sinks are made of porcelain with a Vitreous China finish. Those brands include Kohler and American Standard. Manufacturing with Vitreous China is the only way to get the best finish on your sink. As a result you can count on a Global Builder Supply’s Vitreous China sinks to provide years of outstanding elegance! Also exceptional quality that will last the test of time, and a warranty & return policy that is second to none in our industry!

Our ceramic sinks are traditionally heavier than our competitors. Ceramic is very fragile and the thinner ceramic could possibly crack if you drop something as little as a curling iron in the sink.  Most of the residential industry uses epoxy to mount the sink from underneath. If you have to replace your sink you can imagine the headache it would be getting the sink off and a new one installed. Make the right choice first!

Colors offered for all models: White / bisque /  black (custom order)

Under mount

We offer 4 models of under mount installation ceramic sinks. The models are fairly common and are packaged in boxes of 3 or 5 (depending on model). Ranging from a 15″ x 12″ oval to a 20″ x 18″ square.

Top mount

We offer two types of top mount ceramic sinks. Both are 20″ x 17″ x 6″ oval top mount sinks. One version features an overflow hole, and one is featured without an overflow hole. Please specify which model you are requiring when placing an order.


Currently offering only 1 model of ceramic vessel. Vessels are top mount installation and do not come with an overflow hole.


Warranty & Sink Care

Please view our Ceramic Care Instructions here for a lifetime of elegance! Also view our Warranty & Sink Care page for further information.