Glass Vessel Sinks

All our tempered glass vessel sinks are manufactured with high strength tempered glass. Tempered glass is about 4 times stronger than standard glass and are resistant to low impacts. Ordinary glass will shatter when broken. Tempered glass, if severely damaged, will fracture into small, relatively harmless pieces. With children of our own to look out for, we will only, ever used high strength tempered glass. Our glass vessel sinks are cUPC listed. The most popular finishes we sell are clear or frosted. Additional colors and styles are available upon request. They do not feature an overflow drain hole so installation is very easy.

Why Glass?

Glass sinks are not only visually appealing, but provide lower maintenance demands than some other materials. These sinks are easy to keep clean, almost any common multi-surface cleaner or glass cleaner can be used*, or simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth. They are non porous so they do not stain, being non porous they also do not trap bacteria, or debris. It is important to note that most round sinks will require a mounting O ring, you can view our O rings here, and come in brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze finishes. The mounting ring is designed to separate the glass vessel sink from the countertop for the purposed of avoiding potential damage or cracking of the sink. This also adds more stability to your sink as it is installed.

*Always follow product recommendations and test on an inconspicuous area if you are unsure.


Our tempered glass sinks come packaged in boxes of 1,3, or 5, sinks and can be palletized to requirement. Private labeling and packaging is available upon request. Please Contact us for further information.

Vessel sink installation guides


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Glass Vessel Cleaning Instructions

Glass Vessel Installation Guide